ยินดีต้อนรับสู่เว็บไซต์ "บริษัท เวลไซด์ซีซีทีวี (ประเทศไทย) จำกัด"



Key Features



  • Compression algorithm upgraded to H.264 (High Profile) and H.264+

            (Quasi H.265).

  • Completely new graphics operating interface design.

  • Support main stream and extra steam encode synchronously.

  • Support super cloud service (this function is optional, specialized website

            for super cloud service).

  • Built-in IE plugs, no need to install from CD disk independently.

  • Support 3G & WIFI extension via USB port.

  • Support multi-browser (IE, Firefox).

  • Support mobile monitor (iPhone, Android).

  • Support VGA and HDMI HD output at the same time.

  • Support automatically search and add front-end ip camera.

  • Support many recording modes: Autocontinuing recording, timing recording,

            motion detection recording.

  • Support Full screen and Multi-screen playback.

  • Playback mode support normal play, speed play, fast back play, manual and

            single-frame play.

  • Many backup devices: USB flash disk, USB portable HDD, Network,

            Web browser and CMS.

  • Support alarm triggered recording will send alerts matter (some models

            support sending picture) to the designated email.

  • Support Multi-user and user permission setting.

  • Support pre-alarm recording (before 5 sec), not lose any suspicious screen.

  • Status LED: Power, Network, Record and Hard Disk.

  • Support UTC functions also is called Coaxial Control function.



Connection Diagram





Intelligent Motion Sensor Detection





Advanced P2P Cloud Function





Different types plug for power adapter