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Fiber Optic Distribution Unit WS-0624A

MODEL : WS-0624A

Key Features



  • Designed for all fiber optic wiring.

  • Suitable for installation in 19” rack at 1U height. (23” Rack Optional)

  • Structures made from Electro galvanize sheet steel, very durability

            and lightweight.

  • Drawer is bearing can be slide-out easy to install and maintain.

  • Provide Light Polycarbonate Cover with label.

  • Backside has space for store cable, and when the tray is slide-out,

            cable cannot be moved.

  • Uses with all type of Wellsite fiber optic adapter snap plate e.g.

            ST, SC, FC, LC and E2000.

  • Provide 2 set of Full Moon Cable Routing (internal management ring)

            to control internal wiring for direct connecting and changing to Splice

            Tray (SPT-12T) for fusion splicing.

  • WS-0624A support 6-24 fiber ports.

  • Accessories provided in bagged :

            - 2 cable glands

            - 4 set of screw with M6 cage nut and PVC cup washer

            - 4 cable ties

            - 1 label






  • Wellsite Fiber Optic Distribution Unit (FDU) rack mount drawer

            type design with innovation technology very easily install and

            very flexible to use by drawer like slide shelf, rear of drawer has

            the area for movement the fiber cable which protect the fiber optic

            cable outside tray.

  • Supply with cable gland, screw, cage nut and label.

  • Complies with standard ANSI/TIA-568-C.3, ISO/IEC 11801:2002,

            ANSI/EIA RS-310-C, D, E, F, FCC part 15 Class A, CE and RoSH Compliant.






​          Wellsite Fiber Optic Distribution Unit (FDU) rack mount drawer is designed

to provide optimal protection to your fiber optic applications. The enclosure comes

in a double steel door design with an integrated slide shelf. This unit is equipped

with Full Moon Cable Routing (internal management ring) and guides to limit bending

loss, and to provide ample fiber storage, which helps maintain minimum bend radius

requirements. Cable entry is available in the rear with integrated rubber grommets,

making this fiber enclosure extremely flexible.


Fiber Optic Distribution Unit WS-0624A