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Industrial Grade Switch WTO-6S3204-P

MODEL : WTO-6S3204-P

Key Features



  • Built-in The United States Marvell and Broadcom industrial switch IC.

           High-speed processing capability and capacity of the cache, ensure

           a stable and reliable network.

  • Design with internal device precision compact size, in full consideration

           of the space requirement for installation.

  • Built-in parts of high quality and high reliability, MTBF are 100,000 hours.
  • Support for ring network redundancy and RSTP, network fault

           self-recovery time is less than 20ms.

  • Support for SNMP, provides both WEB and 0console management,

           easy to configure.

  • Support port isolation, port speed, broadcast storm suppression,

           ensure network security.

  • Support for IGMP snooping, and meet the needs of multicast traffic.
  • Support for port gathering, scalable connection bandwidth,

           and meet the needs of highbandwidth connections.

  • Supports QoS for traffic control and management, and meet the

           needs of different business on the Internet.

  • Industry-standard design, high strength metal enclosure, IP30 protection.
  • Support for a wide range of redundant dual DC power input,

           Power overload protection, Antireverse polarity protection.



Topology Diagram



Industrial Grade Switch WTO-6S3204-P