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Wellsite Software MEC-6000EC VMS


Key Features



  • MEC-6000EC video management solution for IP-based devices offers

           built-in intelligence for VCA.

  • Scalable and modular architecture.

  • Graphical maps simplify remote management.

  • Centralized user management.

  • Automated switching to failover server(s).

  • HD quality video in multiple compression Standards.

  • Automated event – reaction macro.

  • Support for multiple security subsystems.

  • Customizable video wall management.

  • Facial and license plate recognition video Analytics.

  • AID plug-in for traffic management system.

  • Support a small operation of 10 streams to Networks of over 1000 cameras.

  • Support integrated with third-party systems.

  • Support wide range of subsystems, including access control, data

           synchronisation, intrusion, and building management.

  • Light web-client viewer.

Wellsite Software MEC-6000EC VMS