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Wellsite Software CMS MEC-6000EC


Key Features



  • Cost effective 2, 8 and 16 channels products With H.264/ MPEG4 high

           quality video processing.

  • Outdoor encoder supporting extended environmental Conditions support.

  • The MEC-60EC encoder guarantees non-stop operation through seamless

           change-over to a backup encoder in the event of failure.

  • Adaptive Noise Reduction Filter (ANRF) improves video quality of noisy

           scenes and saves network and storage resources.

  • Event driven recording based on video motion detection alerts saves system

           resources by recording only event related data.

  • Delivering optimal video streams to multiple viewers simultaneously is

           key for quick event resolution.

  • Dual streaming & Multicast support.

  • Level of Service (LoS) optimizes video streams according to end-station

           processing power and access speeds.

  • High video quality and bi-directional audio communication provide security

           personnel with accurate information on the incident scene and streamline

           investigation process.

  • Wellsite management application suite offers remote management, configuration

           and viewing of NiceVision elements as well as 3rd-party edge devices via the

           Control Center intuitive user interface or web browser.

  • Support Map camera.

  • Single Server and Multi-Server (Optional).

  • License plate recognition (Optional).

  • Facial recognition (Optional).



CMS System Configuration


Wellsite Software CMS MEC-6000EC