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Wellsite Software CMS Series GH.3-114AC

MODEL : CMS Series GH.3-114AC

Key Features



  • Highly scalable, according to customer demands to expand their control,

           a control point is a centralized monitoring and management platform.

  • Support Screen switch 1, 4, 9, 16, 25, 32, 64 channels.

  • The user access control, streaming media transmitted adoption of a unified

           user access control, streaming media server user permissions check, directly

           connecting the server front-end video capture, video capture server-tested for


  • Support Connecting Multi Devices and View Multi Videos (Playback and

           real time monitoring Max. 64 channels).

  • Focus on monitoring and management platform supports multi-screen images

           and preview images as round, as well as electronic map image preview and joint

           operation of the police function.

  • The network to adopt the most advanced technology to complete port in the

           same network environment than the general quality of the TCP network

           transmission more efficient, but also support the break-even.

  • Support on the market today mainstream board and the mainstream

           DVR-embedded DVR or DVS.

  • Front-end support remote video capture server configuration, remote

           video capture playback front of video file servers, remote-control video

           capture front-end server Haeundae or other related equipment.

  • Support Snapshot picture and save in the computer.

  • Support PTZ control Zoom, Iris and Focus.

  • Support ePTZ (Digital Zoom) Function Control.

  • Support as video and manual on the server front-end video capture video

           on mobile alarm linked in a document on video playback, the manner and

           time of the progress of search and playback in the process of positioning

           can be arbitrary time intervals operation arbitrary state support Quick Search

           simultaneously positioning, support cycle broadcast, video editing documents,

           local amplification and video files can be damaged due to brownout and

           automatic restoration capabilities.

  • Support Remote and Local playback.

  • Support Simultaneous 4 channels Synchronous playback.

  • Support Playback mode: Calendar, Event, Camera and Date/Time.

  • Support Playback control: Play, Pause, Step, Fast forward, Rewind and Fast Rewind.

  • Support video export many more codecs for H.264 and AVI files, Image

           export for JPEG format.

  • Support ONVIF protocol.

  • Support E-map.

  • Support video group viewing for Multi device.

  • Support TV wall function.

  • Support management platform and front-end servers Video Capture speaking

           voice and voice broadcasting.

Wellsite Software CMS Series GH.3-114AC