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Industrial Gigabit Fiber Switch WN16F8G-MG


Key Features



  • ARP defense: the function of MAC address and port binding and MAC address

           security filtering can effectively defense the ARP attack; DHCP snooping can

           provide ARP protection for users to obtain the MAC dynamically.

  • Qos: support for multiple QOS strategy. Based on the 802.1p priority setting,

           each port provides eight priority queues. IP-DSCP can be divided into different

           service levels according to the IP header, to achieve a comprehensive QOS.

           AUTO VOIP can set the port to the highest priority of the voice signal, improve

           the voice quality of network IP telephone greatly.

  • Spanning Tree: Support the standard of IEEE 802.1d and IEEE 802.1w

           (Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol) and IEEE 802.1s (Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol).

  • AUTO DOS: defense the the following DOS attack with seven different forms.

  • Storm suppression: can be set with the Broadcast, multicast, DLF traffic.

  • ACL Access Control: used to control the exchange of the packet from the port,

           to ensure that the intranet site will not be access to users without authority,

           while indirectly defend ARP attack.

  • IGMP Snooping: Support IGMP version 2 (RFC 2236): IGMP Snooping is used

           to establish the multicast groups to forward multicast packets to avoid wasting

           bandwidth when a multicast packet overflow network.

  • Support for 802.1x authentication, and to provide users with access to


  • Support the function of port mirroring, port gathering, port speed limit.

  • Support the port-based VLAN and IEEE802.1Q based on VLAN .

 Industrial Gigabit Fiber Switch WN16F8G-MG