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Splice Tray SPT-12T


Key Feaures



  • Metal trays powder coated

​            Ruggedness and durability.

            Made from aluminum and accommodated 12 fusions splicing per tray.

  • Clear plastic covers

​            Fiber visibility for inspection.

  • Fiber loop retention

​            Controls the bend-radius.

            Minimum fiber bending radius is maintained.

  • Positive holding action

​            Maximum splice protection.

            Protects and manages fiber splice.

  • Used for multi-mode and single mode





          Corning Cable Systems splice trays use proven designs and fiber organization

technology to provide optimum physical protection for fusion and mechanical splicing

methods. The trays are engineered for use with indoor or outdoor splice hardware

with both loose tube and tight-buffered optical cable designs. 

          The metal-tray series consists of a rugged aluminum base and cover with

crimpable metal tabs for buffer tube strain-relief. Additional strain-relief points are

available for securing buffer tubes or pigtails to the trays using cable ties. The black

powder coating allows easy fiber identification and additional protection. Designed for

use with Corning Cable Systems interconnection hardware and splice closures,

these splice trays are an integral part of a complete splicing system.


Splice Tray SPT-12T