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Wellsite Software CMS Series GH.3-114AD

MODEL : CMS Series GH.3-114AD

Key Features



  • Support N level organization management, user management and purview setting.

  • All data interaction use data interface technology, and support different database

           sizes flexibility, such as SQL, MYSQL, XML data and so on.

  • Intelligent Video Transport Protocol can do Maximize the use of network bandwidth.

  • Support multi servers coordinated running, intelligent load balancing, flexibility

           to add server and enhance the system capacity effectively on the condition of

           integrity assurance.

  • Flexibility in adjusting the fluency or real-time of video images when real

           time monitoring, which can meet different users need. The former emphasize the

           fluency of video images, while the latter emphasize the real-time of video images.

  • Adopt shelf technology to develop hierarchically and modularly. With rich

           middleware service, users can assemble different applications flexibly.

  • Within purview limitation, users can easily control and set each monitor point

           through the system, it also integrates-map.

  • The system integrates other related information, such as alarming,

           voice and so on.

  • The system designs a special fault tolerance measures to assure data Integrity

           and system running reliability.

  • The system designs for service. It has good scalability and adaptability to

           protect user investment maximally.

  • Support Network Management and Load Balancing.

  • Support User DIY Interface and Multi Languages.

  • Support E-map.

  • Support Simultaneous 4 Channels Real Time Playback.

  • Support Connecting Multi Devices and View Multi Videos (real time monitoring

           and playback).

  • Support Multi RS Keyboard Protocols.

  • Support Multi Alarming Device, Like CK, Vista, etc.

  • Support Multi three-dimensional positioning Speed Cameras Protocol, easy

           to realize three-dimensional positioning in Preview Area.

  • Support multi manufactures access to our device, such as Dahua, Hikvision, etc.

  • The CMS support Vista/ Win Xp/ Win2000/ Win2003/ Win2007/ Win Server 2012,

           not for windows 98.

Wellsite Software CMS Series GH.3-114AD