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Network Video Recorder NVR-6264SV


Key Features


  • Flip-open chassis, prepositive slot type HDD installation, reliable and


  • Support 16HDD, HDD’s hot-swap.

  • Support Raid 0/1/5/6/10.

  • Support i8s supper protocol, plug & play, IPC no needs IP.

  • Support Third-party ONVIF, RTSP standard network camera.

  • Support 4K video preview, storage & playback.

  • Support H.265, H.264+, H.264 encoding device self-adaptive connection.

  • 2x HDMI, 2x VGA heterologous output, support 4K high resolution output.

  • New GUI, support start recording with one key.

  • Support IPC centralized management, including IPC parameter

           configuration, information import/output, two-way audio, and upgrade.

  • Support double password to do video playback and backup.

  • Support access control system.

  • Support motion detection data filler when do playback, support video

           summary playback.

  • Support time-phased playback, assigned the video to multi-screen do

           different playback at same time.

  • Support send Email as an Alarm Action.

  • Support abnormality when no storage, storage device error and storage

           no space.

  • Support smart search, playback and backup.

  • Support smart channel grouping.

  • Support instant playback for screen preview during multi-channel

          display mode.

  • Support multi-channel image play and thumbnail play.

Network Video Recorder NVR-6264SV