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Video Balun WS-413 (TX-RX)

MODEL : WS-413 (TX-RX)

Key Features


  • Full motion CCTV video at long distance.

  • Built-in linearity, Sharpness and Chroma control.

  • To ensure image transmitting quality and solve the problem that

          the quality of coaxial cable cause or long distance transmission

          cause color or synchronize signal lost.

  • To transmit image via UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair), UTP is

          cheap and soft and Easy to install, The cost are saved a lot.

  • To solve the problem of longer distance and signal transmission.

  • Outstanding interference rejection and Lower radicalization. The

          unit is Lightning proof and has resisting Surge functions. Even in

          strong interference environment, the unit can transmit image in

          high quality.





Video Balun WS-413 (TX-RX)