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Industrial Gigabit PoE Switch WHD-80XPoE Series

MODEL : WHD-802PoE/ WHD-804PoE

Key Features


  • Built-in the United States Marvell industrial grade switch IC,

           High-speed handling capacity and large capacity of high-speed Cache

           memory, ensure the stability of network transmission.

  • Designed with precision compact size, in the consideration of

           equipment installation space requirements to the project.

  • Advanced adaptive technology, without the need for on-site electrical

           or optical adjustment when using.

  • Built-in high performance switch core, inhibit the broadcast storm,

           flow control, CRC error checking.

  • Support redundant ring network, any node circuit broken, others

           will keep working automatically. The full load recovery time is less

           than 120ms.

  • Support full duplex & half-duplex transmission mode, and with

           automatic negotiation ability.

  • Support protocols of IEEE802.3/ 802.3U/ 802.3X/ 802.3D/ 802.3W.

  • With APC circuit, constant output optical power, large dynamic range.

  • The use of high-strength metal jacket, durable product with beautiful


Industrial Gigabit PoE Switch WHD-80XPoE Series