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AHD/TVI/CVI Video Converter WVC-101HD/ 401HD/ 801HD/ 1601HD


Key Features


  • Aluminum alloy enclosure wall-mounted or installed 19-inch 1U chassis.

  • Support two HD video formats of 1280H and 1920H.

  • All interface users level three ESD, lightning protection.

  • Super wide dynamic range optical and advanced adaptive technology,

          long distance up to 40 Km.

  • Surface mount devices, ensure that product is small, high stability,

          high reliability.

  • Very low electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency

          interference (RFI) as well as common ground loop interference.

  • With large quantity of LED indicator lights, diagnostic indication.

  • Plug and play, support hot-plug.

  • With advantages of small dimension, low power consumption,

          strong anti-interference ability, high fidelity.

  • Industrial ultra-wide temperature range (-40°C ~ 85°C), adapting

           to more environment.

AHD/TVI/CVI Video Converter WVC-101HD/ 401HD/ 801HD/ 1601HD