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Wellsite Software Smart Tools


Overview :


           Wellsite Smart Tools is a powerful assisting software which is capable of learning the network environments and automatically finding Milesight network cameras and network video recorders connected in the LAN. It provides you a quick way to modify devices settings and complete firmware upgrades. It is highly recommended for multiple Milesight devices configuration.It also can be used for calculating the matching number of camera, network video recorder and disk space.


Key Features :


  • Innovative UI design.

  • Integrated IPC Tools, NVR Tools and Calculators, easy to install and use.

  • Smart devices discovery and filter.

  • Convenient network setup for cameras, like IP address, DDNS, UPnP and so on.

  • Efficient video and image parameters configuration to cameras in a group.

  • Useful network modification and connection status display for network

           video recorders.

  • Quick calculation for the matching number of camera, network video

           recorder and disk space.

  • Simple batch firmware upgrade for both Milesight cameras and network

           video recorders.