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NVR WGD-9116AC/ WGD-9132AC

MODEL : WGD-9116AC/ WGD-9132AC

Key Future



  • 16CH/ 32CH 1920x1080P or 3MP or 5MP Video Recording.

  • Support megapixel HD network video preview, Storage and playback.

  • All Channels synchronous real time preview.

  • Click any area and zoom in or zoom out on the Image by mouse.

  • Support digital zooming under preview and Playback modes.

  • HDMI/VGA simultaneous video output.

  • Support 8 SATA HDD up to 32TB, USB2.0, 3.0.

  • ONVIF Version 2.3 conformance.

  • Support search, playback and by event.

  • Plug and Play, one key online.

  • CMS centralized network management software, 255CH.

  • P2P Cloud Monitoring (Browser/iOS/Android).

  • Multiple Web Browser supported : IE browser/Mozilla Firefox/

           Google Chrome/Apple Safari.

  • Up to 2.0MP Resolution (1080P) Recording.

  • Compatible with Private and ONVIF Cameras.

  • Complete SDK function easy to integrate with Other application.

NVR WGD-9116AC/ WGD-9132AC