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Video Balun WS-302 (TX-RX)

MODEL : WS-302 (TX-RX)

Key Features


  • Full motion CCTV video at long distance.
  • Built-in linearity, Sharpness and Chroma control.
  • To ensure image transmitting quality and solve the problem that

          the quality of coaxial cable cause or long distance transmission cause

          color or synchronize signal lost.

  • To transmit image via UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair). UTP is cheap

          and soft and Easy to install. The cost are saved a lot.

  • To solve the problem of longer distance and signal transmission.
  • Outstanding interference rejection and Lower radicalization. The unit is

          Lightning proof and has resisting Surge functions. Even in strong

          interference environment, the unit can transmit image in high quality.

  • To improve image quality and reduce noise.





Setting According


Video Balun WS-302 (TX-RX)