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Video Balun WSV-2121B


Key Features


  • Video transmission via UTP CAT5 cable.

  • 10-20% wire costs saved.

  • Full-motion CCTV video at distances up to 1000ft. (330m).

  • Outstanding interference rejection and transient protection.

  • Male BNC allows connection directly to the camera or

          Digital Video Recorder.

  • No power required.




         The WSV-2121B Video Balun is a passive transmission devices that transmit

video signal over unshielded twisted pair wires, point to point, for distances up to

1000 feet (330m). The extremely compact size allows the WSV-2121B to fit anywhere

that a BNC can fit. It is ideal for mounting directly on virtually all high-density DVRs

without any additional cabling. Its crosstalk and noise immunity ensure quality video signals.


Connection Diagram



Video Balun WSV-2121B